Stat (Pt 3)

Feet perfectly in place, in motion for a shot, quick release, and it’s good from downtown! Ray Allen has one of or maybe the nicest looking jump shot in the NBA. In the Seattle Supersonics, he was popularly known for being the star player and one of the finest shooters in the league. Ray has been averaging nearly 40% from the 3 point line. Allen needs a little more than 200 three pointers to break Reggie Miller’s all-time record. Ray finally won his first championship with the Boston Celtics in his first year. Without his contribution for the team that year, I’d doubt they’d win the championship.

“Miller for 3”. For some reason, I always hear an announcer for the games saying that while Reggie is shooting a buzzer beater three shot. In my memory, the long time Pacer has made so many ridiculous three pointers and buzzer beating shots. Afterwards, he would celebrate like a girl dancing around the court. Reggie Miller still holds the record for the most attempt and made three pointers in the league. Despite not having a ring, he will always be remembered as the person with big ol’ ears that was great in 3’s or as Knick fans know him as “Knick Killer” for always destroying the Knicks when Reggie and the Pacers faced New York.

Glen Rice was always known for scoring. The man’s specialty was three’s all over the court. The shooting machine would appear in multiple All-star games and 3 point shooting contests. Glen was in his prime through his seasons with the Charlotte Hornets averaging over 23.5 points per game each year. This man shot the lights out during his years in the NBA.

Notable players: Eddie Jones, Peja Stojackovic, Dale Ellis, Brent Barry, Tim Hardaway, Steve Kerr.

One Response to Stat (Pt 3)

  1. Trevor Wong says:

    Ray Allen might not have one of the purest jump shots in the NBA. He HAS it!

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