Sun of a gun

January 28, 2010

After losing 18 straight games on the TNT network, the Phoenix Suns finally break that record by topping the Mavs tonight 106-112. 18 straight losses?!?! Unheard of to me… The Amare Stoudemire didn’t play the 4th quarter. The Suns started slow and the Mavs were handling Phoenix easy. Until the 4th quarter, Dirk Nowitzki was shut down not scoring a single point. Nash had a double-double with 19 points and 11 assists. Jared Dudley had a critical game winning steal on Kidd’s pass. After the game, Steve Nash was interviewed on how he and his Suns finally won a game on TNT in years. Nash just smiled and said “I don’t want to speak about the network”.

Other news in the NBA, the Raptors topped the Knicks in a close game 106-104. The Raptors are now one of the hottest teams in the league. Bosh and Turkoglu combined for a total of 53 points. David Lee WHO I HAVE TO SAY WAS THE BIGGEST SNUB FOR THE ALL-STAR GAME!!! Had 29 point and 18 rebound game.

The Celtics lost in Orlando tonight by 2 points. The Magic came in the clutch when J.J. Redick hit a needy 3 to tie the game. Rashard Lewis scored the last two points with a surprisingly easy driving lay-up. With a little more than a second to go, Boston’s Rasheed Wallace took a decent three-point look and air balled. The Celtics are 5-9 after Christmas day.

It’s all fun and Knicks

January 25, 2010

With the huge free agent market next season, I thought it would be fun to mess around with the Knicks roster. With all the rumors like Knicks chasing LeBron, Wade, and Bosh, let’s see if I can make a dominate team for them next year. This season’s salary cap space is $57.7 million. Let’s just round the cap to 58 million next for next season.

On the Hoops Hype salary site, the Knicks will owe $27 million dollars next year. So that makes only $31 million left of the salary cap. However, knowing the New York Knicks, they wouldn’t hesitate one bit to hit the luxury tax which would have the team’s total salary cap at an estimated $70 million without hitting over the tax line which the Knicks wouldn’t like to do again. So that leaves Knicks with a grand total of an estimated $43 million to spend in the 2010-2011 market.

Now we all know that if the Knicks want LeBron, Wade, or maybe even Bosh, they would need to pay a max contract for them. LeBron first of all will be asking for a hefty huge contract. Let’s say the Knicks sign LeBron for a $133 million through a five year contract. Of course each year, LeBron’s pay salary increases totaling in the end to $133 million. LeBron’s first year would be estimated at $26 million taking more than half of the $43 million. Now, the Knicks have $17 million left. Sorry Knick fans, but I believe Wade is out of the picture because he ALSO wants a big max contract. Wade isn’t going to take $17 million next year I guarantee you that. On the other hand, Bosh MIGHT be able to. If the media doesn’t hype up Bosh too much (just joking). Bosh would take a huge pay-cut just for King James to be paid. Bosh and LeBron can happen, but Knicks would like more pieces of talent on their roster.

Now with the big 3 names out of the way, let’s see the other names. Amare Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer, and even Rudy Gay since Memphis can’t seem to afford him next season. Amare and Carlos would be a perfect sidekick for star players Wade and James. Amare and Carlos would ask for a 1-3 year contract around lets say $11-15 million per year depending on the amount of years. That would leave the Knicks with around  $2-3 million give or take. With that $2-3 million, I am sure that great veterans like Grant Hill, Kenyon Martin, Ray Allen, Marcus Camby, Rafer Alston, Jerry Stackhouse, and Matt Barnes would accept the veteran minimum contract. All those veterans still have the talent in them to play. Also, if anything, the Knicks can go over the cap with the Mid-Level Exception contract signing any of the players above or bring back maybe Nate Robinson or other young talents such as Tyrus Thomas and T.J. Ford to a one year contract.

The Knicks will still have Eddy Curry, Jared Jeffries, Danilo Gallinari, Toney Douglas, Wilson Chandler, and Jordan Hill next season on their roster for contract purposes. Overall, my Knicks roster would look like this with either LeBron or Dwyane who are the main favorites.

If this were to be LeBron’s OR Dwyane’s team…

PG – Rafer Alston (1.7 mil), Toney Douglas (1 mil)

SG – Dwyane Wade (26 mil), Danilo Gallinari (3.3 mil), Ray Allen (5.5 mil), Jared Jeffries (6.8 mil)

SF – LeBron James (26 mil), Wilson Chandler (2.1 mil), Grant Hill (1.7 mil)

PF – Amare Stoudemire (11 mil), Jordan Hill (2.6 mil)

C – Marcus Camby (2.3 mil), Eddy Curry (11.2 mil), Chris Wilcox (1 mil)

This team equals up to = 76.2 million salary cap

Not a bad add up for this team. It’s a little over the $70 mil mark but hey, look at New York. They can afford even more, I’m just hitting right above the tax line.

I just wanted to have fun putting up a crazy Knicks team fans would enjoy to see. Under Mike D’ Antoni’s system, all the players on the roster would love to just run and gun.

The Chosen King and The Deadly Black Mamba

January 22, 2010

Lakers vs Cavs on Christmas day in 2009

Pick your poison. LeBron or Kobe. The two biggest stars in the NBA. Some might think Kobe is better. Others think LeBron is the player out there. Debate all you want, they both are outstanding players. On the other hand, the match-up of the Lakers and Cavs on Christmas day made basketball fans feel as if LeBron had the upper hand with the huge victory. The Cavs crushed the Lakers in December and Laker fans were bitter to see their team being literally beat down on the most expensive paid ticket holiday game. I favored the Lakers to win in that game also. Overall, the Lakers played horrible throughout the game. Defense was effortless, offense was sloppy, and they didn’t seem to have life when LeBron or should I say Mo Williams and the Cavs kept shooting the lights out. As the Lakers fell on Christmas, it made Kobe Bryant look like the 2nd best player behind last season’s MVP LeBron James.

The Lakers always want to come back and prove themselves against a top team once they lose. Last season, the Lakers proved they could win against the Boston Celtics as the rivalry between the two teams never died down. Still today, the Lakers want a piece of the Celtics with both teams having healthy rosters. Anyways, the Lakers still kept the best record after their defeat to Cavaliers.

Tonight, the Cavs and Lakers met again in Cleveland. The Cavs seemed ready to play, despite not having point guard Mo Williams. LeBron stepped up through the game. You would expect the favored Lakers to win since Williams is out, think again. The defending champs didn’t show up to play. They didn’t put in their A game. LeBron looked as if he was manhandling the Lakers by himself. Kobe tried to pick up the Lakers slack, but LeBron and his Cavs were too much. The Lakers shot a disappointing 38% from the field. The game looked similar to what happened on Christmas day. In the end, the Cavaliers beat the Lakers 93-87.

So question question. Who is the better player? Kobe or LeBron? Let me break it down.

Kobe Bryant: Playing battered and hurt, Kobe is doing all he can to help his team win. Winning is most important to most players. However, “Winning” to Kobe means he needs to put his body out there and play through broken fingers and a hurt back. I think that’s crazy. Kobe can still be clutch even with his injury. His shooting percentage has gone way down, but when it’s crunch time, the Lakers call Kobe to take over. It’s tough to say if Bryant’s prime days are done because with him being hurt. The Lakers are still on top of the West and Kobe helped lead them there. So far, LeBron and his Cavs proved they can beat the Kobe and his Lakers without a full healthy roster.

LeBron James: Bron is a freak of nature. No one in the league or in history is sculpted and built like James. His frame, athleticism, and quickness is unbelievable. LeBron took his Cavs to the top of the East. If Cleveland weren’t the best team in the East now, I don’t think James would receive as much respect to be placed better than Kobe. LeBron has never really been a clutch shooter. But tonight, James showed the Lakers he can pull up and knock shots down with the poor Laker defense not respecting his jump shot. Looking at his second straight MVP season, LeBron looks to be unstoppable with his Cavs.

To me, both players are wonderful players. Kobe has the experience, full-time clutch, and his mentality to take over a game. LeBron also has the mentality to take over a game, athleticism, and strength to get to the rim. Kobe is a guard. LeBron a forward. Totally different positions. There are probably more subjects to weigh on between these two stars and that’s what debate is all about.

2010 All-Stars

January 21, 2010

Before I name my All-Star starters and bench I’d like to ask the NBA to fix a huge problem.

NBA’s All-Star fan voting….

Look, I know in the past Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson were terrific stars who scored ridiculous amounts of points. On top of that, they put up a great show the their devoted fans. Now, look at those two stars.

Tracy McGrady – He has only played 6 games for the Rockets. Averaging career lows in every stat. I don’t blame the guy because he barely gets to play due to some feuds going on. But deserving to be on the All-Star team? Not even. He shouldn’t even be placed as a candidate for the All-Star game in 2010. Tracy isn’t even “with” the Rockets at the moment. I’m not saying China (which is the majority of the all-star votes) votes shouldn’t count. I’m proposing players like McGrady should be off of the ballot.

Allen Iverson – I remember back in the day A.I. was probably the most sickest scoring point guard in the league. The key words were “back in the day”. Yeah Allen WAS a star. But now, he’s just some old veteran with a lot of previous talent who doesn’t have rings. It’s unfortunate to see Iverson’s career closely coming to an end. In what is probably his last year in the NBA, fans feel he should deserve to be in the All-Star team one last time. I don’t think so. With rising star point guards like Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo, Allen should be bumped off the list of candidates. I respect A.I. and what he has shown in the past, but a 2010 all-star nod just isn’t right for his mediocre season.

Another thing I’d like the NBA to change is the All-Star roster. 12 players seem to less, and 15 seems too much. I say fans can vote for top 10 starters for each conference. Add 4 more players for each conference who are chosen by the coaches in the league. I remember for two years, I felt Deron Williams deserve the All-Star nod. But with the overload of talented guards in the West doesn’t give Deron any attention.

My top 12 players (since they only have 12) from each conference deserve the All-Star spots the most.

Eastern Conference

The “easy” East isn’t too difficult to find the starters. There isn’t much to look around. Here we go.

Rajon Rondo


The East guards aren’t hard to choose from. Rondo is the most consistent point guard in the East. If the Celtics didn’t have Rajon, the Celtics wouldn’t be looking at the Finals. Yes, the Finals. That’s how important Rondo is to their team. His defense is solid and nearly always averages a double double. The aging big 3 are still the main points for Boston. After this season, the Celtics should look to invest in Rondo.

Dwyane Wade


One of the given in the East, Wade will enter his 6th All-Star season. Dwade is basically lifting his team to the playoffs and try to reach as far as they can. In one of his fewest healthiest seasons, the MVP candidate is hands down the best shooting guard in the East so far. Competition for Dwyane against the Eastern Conference guards are nowhere near close.

LeBron James


Who can forget King James? LeBron is “beast mode” this season (as Marshawn Lynch likes to say). In one of his best seasons, James has helped brought the Cavs to the top of the Eastern Conference. His player efficiency rating is no surprise and is still number one in the league. His last five games he has shot 57%. Impressive. LeBron so far looks like the clear MVP winner in the league.

Chris Bosh


All the trade rumors floating around Bosh must bother him. Or he just dusts it off his shoulders and averages career highs in Points, Rebounds, FG%, and 3-point shooting. The Raptors must be STUPID to try to shop him. Chris is a franchise player. Toronto shouldn’t ship him, but build a great team AROUND him. How is it possible for Bosh to have his best season despite playing less minutes in the past few years? Vote for this cowboy .

Dwight Howard


Any player who leads the league in rebounds should be able to earn a starting spot for the game. I gotta say this though. The Magic aren’t going to win games if they don’t use Dwight to his fullest potential. Howard aka “Superman” gets ONLY an average of 9 shots per game behind Vince Carter (15 shots) and Rashard Lewis (11.5 shots). Do these Orlando players don’t see the dominant center in the middle who can out muscle anyone? Dwight is still the best center in the league today.


Derrick Rose

Rose? Really? Yup… the East’s point guard reserve comes down to Derrick Rose. The Sophomore gets the vote because of his leadership for the young Bulls. Good thing for young Rose is that he increased his point scoring by 3 points since last year.

Joe Johnson

Joe doesn’t get enough respect from fans. The man has been consistent in every stat in the past three years!!! He deserves the All-Star spot right behind Wade. Johnson should be the captain for the Hawks, then the league will recognize this hard-working player.

Gerald Wallace

Another player who doesn’t get enough respect. Wallace is my favorite for Defensive Player of the Year award. Rebounds and blocks seem to be his highlights every night. Gerald has finally developed into an All-Star player I have waited to see.

David Lee

The best Eastern Power Forward behind Bosh. Lee is one of the most consistent scoring and rebounding forwards/centers in the league. The Knicks are still a mess, but Lee has picked up the slack for this team to win games. David leads the Knicks in 4 statistical categories.

Joakim Noah

Rebounding machine. In four games this season, he grabbed 20+ rebounds. Noah is +5 in rebounds and points since last year. If you don’t think that’s amazing, you try and increase your averages in two stats by 5.

Western Conference

The talented West has many players to choose from. Here they come.

Steve Nash


At this point, Nash is playing as well as his two MVP seasons. Seems like when he ages, he plays better!!! Steve has to be the toughest point guard in the league. The guy is turning 36 on the 7th of Feb. He just had 7 stitches in his mouth against the Pacers and STILL returned to try to help the Suns win. How does he do it? I don’t know. I don’t even think Steve knows himself. Nash is shooting a career high with a near 54% from the field. The Suns would be nothing without Nash.


Kobe Bryant

How can you hit two buzzer beater game winners in the first half of the season? How can you play with a broken pinky and index right fingers AND have back spasms? Yeah, Kobe hasn’t shot well lately, I know. But that shouldn’t make him any worse… Bryant’s playing hurt and can still be clutch. Going into his 12th All-Star selected season, Kobe still proves he is the greatest player in the league. LeBron is consistent, but the Lakers led by Kobe still has the best record in the league. Plus, compare the West and Eastern Conference records. The East is nowhere near close as the tough West in standings.

Kevin Durant


Young “Durantula” are proving doubters that he can become a franchise player and bring the young Thunder team into the playoffs. Kevin, who is one of the favored players for the Most Improved Player Award is scoring a career high of 29.1 points per game. The Thunder’s chances of claiming a spot in the playoffs to me are high. Look at the Thunder roster. Besides Westbrook and Green, who else helps Oklahoma with the scoring load? KD is an amazing player at both offense and defensive ends.

Dirk Nowitzki


Another player who doesn’t seem to get enough respect in this league is Dirk. Dallas is ranked 2nd best in the tough Western Conference. When I watch Dirk play, he’s the most clutch big man I have seen in the game today. From the perimeter, baseline, or driving it in, Nowitzki gets the job done for the Mavs when they need it the most. Sometimes I wonder, “How do you guard this guy?”. Give him space, he pulls up on you. Put a body on him, he can pass you and head straight to the hoop. Dirk should be finally given the starting spot in the All-Star spot.

Tim Duncan


Tim needs to be center so he gives Dirk a chance to claim that starting spot. Duncan is aging. On the other hand, he’s still good as hell. The F/C is matching  his career high in FG% since his 2006-07 season. Double-double averaging player and turning 34 in April, Duncan is aiming for his 5th title. Tim’s career has had seasons with a few bad injuries, but he still has the All-Star performance on the court.


Chris Paul

Ever since Paul came back from his troubling injury, the Hornets are 15-10 and is still kept in the hunt for the playoffs. The Hornets have been a disappointment all season, but Chris hasn’t. 32 out of Paul’s last 33 games, he has scored in double figures. He is single-handedly carrying New Orleans this half of the season.

Brandon Roy

How are the Blazers even winning without even having their roster healthy? Oden, out. Przybilla, out. Batum, out. Fernandez, out. Even Roy himself is out at times, but he is STILL doing work. Averaging a career high 23 points per game, Roy should enter his third straight All-Star appearance.

Carmelo Anthony

Melo’s scoring shot up 8 points per game since last season. The Nuggets are one of the most powerful teams in the West from the help of MVP candidate Carmelo. Anthony also leads the league in scoring with 30 ppg. Melo has picked up his career by shedding weight for this season and maturing into a franchise player.

Pau Gasol

Pau is the second best player on the dominant Lakers. He averages a double-double after coming off a hamstring injury. This is his first season he has been averaging a double-double. Though Kobe is still considered the best player in the league, Gasol takes the weight off of Bryant’s shoulders when it comes down to business on the court.

Chris Kaman

When has the Clippers had a player who has played in the All-Star game? Chris has performed like an All-Star player. He is also one of the favorites for Most Improved Player Award. Averaging 20 points and 9 boards per game, Kaman is having a breakout season. I believe the Clippers have a chance to make a playoff run if the team comes together and as Kaman performs as well as he does now every single night.

Deron Williams

Deron is nearly averaging a double-double. In the past seasons, he HAS average a double-double. How has Williams never been voted an All-Star? In the past years, it has been Ginobli and Parker stealing Deron’s spotlight. Those aging guards aren’t having a great of a season as Williams has. Deron should finally be able to claim that last spot since he’s one of the top 10 point guards in the league.

Zach Randolph

Averaging a double-double per night. Wait no, make it a 20 points and 11 rebounds per game average. Zach is part of what the Grizzlies are today. Memphis is one of the most surprising teams this season. Great coaching? Probably. But Zach averaging ridiculous stats per night is probably the reason why the Grizzlies have a shot at the playoffs. With the help of the big 3…. actually make it 4 with Zach, Mayo, Rudy, and Gasol. Memphis is on pace looking at their best season since the 03-06 seasons.

Why I Don’t Like the Bynum-Bosh Trade

January 16, 2010

I am not a Lakers fan. But I cannot be grouped with those ignorant Lakers haters same way I don’t group a lot of Lakers fans with those dumbass bandwagon hoppers who don’t even know who Josh Powell is. This trade though is heavily rumored but I honestly doubt it is going to happen. There are many conflicting reports on what the trade is but the two main pieces moving is Chris Bosh and Andrew Bynum. Lakers will have to add someone in there in order to match salaries and what not but those are two main players in the trade. And this is still a rumored trade which means it can be bullshit and never going to happen for all we know. And like I said, I’m not disputing this trade because I don’t like the Lakers but because of reasons more than that.

This trade should not even been rumored in the first place. The Raptors by now should be a strong playoff contending team in the Eastern Conference with Chris Bosh as the main player. But the Raptors GM has been so inclined to turn Team Canada into Team International that instead of creating a team around Bosh, one of the best players of this generation, instead he is just putting together a bunch of foreign players hoping that the team will be able to put their minds together and do well. When they had the first round pick in 2006 and the chance to pick up a great player in LaMarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, or Rudy Gay, they picked up a project player in Andrea Bargnani only because he was declared a rising star in Europe. Then it took Bargnani several seasons in order to put up good numbers but the numbers he’s putting up right now are not number one draft pick numbers. And Bargnani is not even much of a true center. Centers are supposed to stay down low and bang with the big guys. Bargnani stays outside and pretends he’s a shooting guard. His shot is good but he was a horrible pickup for the Raptors who could’ve had anyone they wanted in that draft. So now Bosh is stuck in a mediocre team of foreign players when he could be in so much more. I don’t blame Bosh for wanting to get the hell out of Canada but this should have never happened in the first place. And now the Raptors seeing how much they messed up with their star franchise player does not want him to leave this summer without getting anything in return and wants to trade him before his contract expires.

So with Bosh on the trading block, the Lakers could see this as a perfect opportunity to get a star franchise player. The Lakers already have two franchise players in Gasol and Kobe and adding another one is going to turn them into champion contenders for the next few years if Bosh re signs with them. I think Chris Bosh deserves a lot better than turning into the third option of a team. I know he wants a championship but he has the ability to get a championship with a team on his back instead of piggy backing a championship team into another banner in the rafters. Bosh is a certified franchise player that deserves to a team to himself. He just needs the right pieces around him which the Raptors GM screwed up over the last several years. Anyone can ride Kobe and Gasol into a championship ring. But getting a ring because you lead a team into the hardwood battles of the basketball court means a lot more and Bosh can and deserves that.

That was my reason from Bosh’s point of view though. But if this trade happens, then the whole league and all of the fans that arn’t following the Lakers will be in an uproar. Everyone already cried foul over how Lakers received Gasol for a bag of skittles. If the Lakers get Bosh for an up and coming center who is still trying to reach his full potential, then everyone that aren’t Lakers fans are going to go nuts. Hell, Lakers fans will probably go nuts too and riot in LA again. This trade will get a lot of people angry because it pretty much guarantees the Lakers another championship.

Bynum though, he deserves to stay with the Lakers. He has been growing into a strong future franchise player and has the ability to handle the reins in the near future. Bynum is the cornerstone of the franchise. He is home grown and will be a star in the future. He will have the whole Lakers team to call his own in a couple years and does not deserve to be thrown into Team International where he’ll most likely just be traded or have his growth stunted. Yeah the Raptors could use a true center who can bang down low and grab rebounds, but they also need to put together a team based on skills and not where they are from.

If this trade does happen though, there is going to be chaos in the NBA. And this summer’s free agency competition could also be ruined because of this trade because Bosh was a for sure player that is going to leave his team which could spark the departure of Lebron or Wade. With Bosh already in the bag for the Lakers, the big shakeup that I am expecting this summer will probably never happen.

Buzzing rumors

January 14, 2010

There has been much trade talks floating around the league recently. Since the trade deadline is Feb. 18th, teams are scrambling to make a trade to improve their teams for the playoff stretch or for the near future. In just a month away, I see many big names changing uniforms. But as for the players I’m about to list, they are the best player options for teams to look at. Remember rumors are rumors, but things can may happen.

Players most likely on the move

Chris Bosh


Bosh is a terrific player on a not so great team. In his final year of his contract, his ability to score and rebound for a team and expiring salary dump is beneficial. So win win situation for the next team if they can reach to the championships or finals, so Bosh would consider resigning with a contender team for maybe a decent price. At such a young age (25), I believe Bosh would love more money for his talent. Chris may be the player to build a team around or be the next man to look too after such star players like LeBron or Wade.

Antawn Jamison

Age is just a number for Jamison. The veteran still has a lot of basketball play in him. Rebuilding teams aren’t looking at Antawn, but contenders are. Antawn was recently talked about being shipped to the Cavs. I believe his knowledge overall of the game and offense is key to a team chasing after the ring. With the mess in Washington (Arenas), Jamison should consider pushing for a trade so he can reach a title before he hangs up his jersey.

Caron Butler

A one time all-star player, Caron is another Wizard who can also help a championship contender. Caron who played for a total of three teams in his career will likely see another one coming before Feb. 18th. Butler may also be trade bait for first round picks coming to the Wizards as they desperately need them.

Tayshaun Prince

Prince has proved himself in the past he can play. The Pistons are now a mess. They could have been a team to chase the huge 2010 free agent market, but instead they wasted their money on Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon. Did I mention those two players aren’t even starters? Yeah…. bad move Dumars. Prince’s versatility and defense will help a young running team perfectly.


Richard Hamilton

Hamilton’s overall talent is incredible. The guard/forward can shoot off the dribble and defend from the perimeter to post. The Pistons should consider taking salary dump contracts with Hamilton’s contract. It would help Detroit rebuild and maybe have a change to sign a big name this offseason. At this point, Hamilton’s help is useless for the young Pistons.

Andre Miller

Trading Miller would benefit both teams. Portland should aim to find a big man with the same contract as Andre, and the opposing team would gain a better point guard! If Miller was traded before the deadline, the Blazer’s may be able to slip into the second round of the playoffs. Also, Miller is a wonderful passer. Unfortunately, Portland doesn’t have many players Miller can lob it too. At this point, Portland doesn’t look like they’ll go far into the playoffs.

Kirk Hinrich

Once a starting point guard for the young Bulls, Kirk has been outplayed by rising star Derrick Rose. Kirk can help a team defend and create plays. However, Kirk hasn’t proved his performance is worth what he’s paid for. With 3 years left on his contract, if a team traded for him and things didn’t work out, Kirk would be stuck with the team for another year. The Bulls have improved lately after the rumors of coach Del Negro getting the boot soon. Luckily, Chicago has picked up their game and is looking at a seed in the playoffs.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas


Big Z can do big things for a team. His expiring contracts attract many teams who want to rebuild. The teams chasing after Big Z would consider sending a role player for the Cavs since the Cavs are already stacked with players. Ilgauskas is aging, but he recently told the media he still has a lot of basketball left in him. It’s sad to see Z might be traded before the deadline as trade bait since he has never played for another NBA team other the Cleveland. However, after his contract is expired, the Cavs might want to offer Zydrunas a veteran minimum for a championship run.

Tracy McGrady

The Rockets no longer need this former star. A rebuilding team should trade for Tracy to have a fun experiment. Tracy proves he can still play at least. Maybe not what he’s worth right now, but still can play… A rebuilding team can take him in and if he does well, the team and Tracy may build chemistry. After McGrady’s contract expires after this year, it is possible for Tracy to resign with that team for a very low price and still bring in some veteran fire power.

BOO! Knicks and Ghosts?

January 12, 2010;_ylt=AqrUyplGHeB7l25D4amG4Je8vLYF?urn=nba,213113