More Apologies

March 30, 2010

Can you say beastmode?

College for me + Work for bchetta = no recent posts

Recent news though

– Nets got their 10th win and shall not have the worst record in the history of the NBA.  You still suck Sixers of 1972-1973.

– My fantasy basketball team lost in the playoffs.

– Western Conference playoffs looks set in stone right now in terms of which teams are going to be in it.  Final games is going to decide the seeding though.  I really want to see Thunder take on Suns in the first round.  I think that’ll be an exciting series.

– Eastern Conference playoffs looks pretty good too.  Just a matter of seeing if the Bulls can take the final spot away from Chris Bosh and the Raptors or will Bosh be able to stand his ground and show the world why he’s one of the greatest power forwards of this era.

– March Madness is coming to an end.  I don’t really follow but I liked some of the prospective players.  We might have a good draft class this year.

– And lastly, I’m on my quest to buy the Golden State Warriors.  Let me know if any readers would like to contribute to the taking over the Warriors campaign.

Update 3/24

March 24, 2010

March Madness

As for College basketball, my bracket was already busted. I bet yours was too after Kansas and Villa fell off, because that’s who I chose to go to the finals. Luckily I’m still leading the points in the Yahoo Fantasy game.


Illgauskas is finally back with the Cavs. The Cavs are still without Shaq till probably after the playoffs, which isn’t great news for Cleveland. Last season, Cleveland ended up losing to the Magic in the playoffs. This year, the Magic look more dominant if the Cavs don’t have a healthy roster. Basically, the Magic have an improved team with Vince Carter and Cavs will have the same lineup bumping in Jamison if Shaq doesn’t show up in time.

CP3 is finally back after missing 25 games due to a knee surgery repair and recovery. The Hornets probably have a slim to no chance to make the playoffs with Houston clinging on and Portland staying strong.

Things in limbo…

The Celtics – The mean green stacked team are looking at trouble. After being crushed by Utah, Boston had their season record tied with the Hawks. Not to mention, the red hot Bucks are right behind their tail. Boston can easily drop to the 5th seed in the Eastern playoffs. Another small note, Rasheed is one technical away from having the game suspension rule come into play.

Chicago? Toronto? Charlotte? or Miami? One of these 4 teams will probably get bumped out of the playoffs. I give the Bucks a given spot in the playoffs since they have been playing at such a great rate lately. I see Chicago not making the cut for two reasons. One, Noah and Rose are still hurt while playing. Two, Ben Gordon isn’t here to bring em in.

WARRIORS FOR SALE! Enough said….

Poll time!

March 20, 2010

Race for ROY

March 17, 2010

As of today, Tyreke Evans is the rookie favored to win the Rookie of the Year award. Let me see why he deserves it. Obviously, he’s gaining popularity with the media blowing him up. He is one of the fewest rookies EVER to average +20 points, +5 rebounds, and +5 assists. That is amazing stats for such a young player like Tyreke. But what else does Evans have? His popularity and his averages. That’s it. Is that why fans think he should get the award? Check out the Kings record. They are 23-45 and far away from reaching the playoffs. Do you blame the coach, the team, or rising star Tyreke? Who knows? Yes his stats are unbelievable for his age, but should Evans just be given the award for how well he has done on a horrible team?

Take Kevin Durant for instance. His Seattle Supersonics in the 2007-2008 season went 20-62. Durant still won the Rookie of the Award race in the end though. But you see, the 2007 draft was a weak year. No one came close to Durant in the race for the award. Oden was out for the year, many players are busts, and some players are still finding a role on their (new) teams such as Yi Jialian, Brandan Wright, and Mike Conley Jr. So obviously, Durant is going to win that year.

Tyreke actually has competition with rookies front-runner Stephen Curry, Darren Collison, and don’t forget Brandon Jennings. Stephen is also tearing it up for Golden State. On the other hand, if you like Steph Curry for his stats also, you might as well pick Tyreke to win the ROY award. Evans has a +4 points per game and +1 rebounds per game than Curry. Both of these players will be great in the future.

There’s a big problem with this race. Instead of popularity, what about winning games? Isn’t winning games is what teams want to do? So far, Brandon Jennings has been leading his young Bucks to the playoffs. Yes the Salmons trade did help the Bucks a bit,  but in respect Jennings is leading this team at the point guard position which is the most difficult position to play and also starting all games. Brandon had everyone’s attention when he had that 55 point game earlier in the season. Now with Tyreke and Curry taking a big step in showing what they got, Brandon seems to be pushed out of the race. Jennings is leading the Bucks to the playoffs which they haven’t been in there since the 2002-2003 season. They have been a sorry ass team since. Bogut has gotten better with Jennings ability to give him the ball. Winning means everything in this league. Players who do things for themselves (Ricky Davis attempting triple doubles) are going to get nowhere. Jennings has blossomed and helped this team to win. Nonetheless, popularity overrules winning with fans and media, so Tyreke will probably see the award favoring him. Other than that,  the 2009 draft class is going to be one of the most memorable ones.

Slow Week

March 16, 2010

Handcheck rules?

On behalf of Scoops on Hoops, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts recently.  I’ve had midterms while the other writer recently got a job.  But at the same time, the regular season has just been rolling along quietly without much substantial news.  Playoff berths are starting to look more concrete and by next week, we should have a clear view on whose making it to the final 16.  March Madness has also started and we might have a post on that in the near future.  Just tune in to find out.

Game previews for 3/3/10

March 3, 2010

Reggie Evans from the Toronto Raptors recently got voted for being the "dirtiest player" in the NBA today.

Here is a look at what’s yet to come for tonight’s games:

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks – My hopes and prayers go out to Iverson and his family. With Iverson off the team to help his ailing daughter, it’s nothing new to the 6ers. A.I. played a total of 25 games and the 76ers won 10 with him. Jrue Holiday has been doing well in Iverson’s place. The Hawks on the other hand will have no trouble closing this game out with a win. I believe the most interesting match-up to me tonight will be Al Horford and Samuel Dalembert. The 2 bigs don’t score too much, but play defense very well. Let’s see who can be aggressive on both ends. I predict the Hawks will win by a good 11 points.

Golden State Warriors vs. Orlando Magic – Dwight Howard finally has been getting more touches of the ball to score ever since the All-Star break. The Magic excel if they let Dwight score 20 plus a game. Howard leads the league in rebounds and blocks, he’s probably going to receive the Defensive Player Award of 2010. But this game isn’t going to be about defense. GS and Magic has shooters left and right. This game will be a scoring frenzy with Curry, Ellis, Carter, Nelson, and Lewis. Obviously, this game will go to the Magic. I’d say Orlando should win by 7 points. By the way, Biedrins REALLY needs to shake up his horrible shooting at the line.

Detroit Pistons vs. New York Knicks – Both of these teams probably won’t see the playoffs. Eddy Curry MIGHT have a chance to play in this game since the Knicks are in need of a big man. That decision is however in Mike D’ Antoni’s hands. The Pistons have had 2 heartbreaking losses in the last 4 games losing by 5 to the Nuggets and Celtics. With all the talent the Pistons have, they just can’t seem to put their puzzle pieces together. If I had to choose a winner, I’m going with Knicks winning by 3 points. Why? Big Ben is hurt.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New Jersey – Recently, the Nets have been desperate to get fans to go to their games just to fill up the stands! Their last idea was everyone over 18 gets their tax done for free, which is great to me. Other than that idea, I liked the one where if you bought 10 or more tickets, the team would buy a jersey for you regardless of any team. This game is probably going to be filled since everyone wants to see LBJ. But too bad they won’t be receiving a number 6 jersey if fans purchased 10 or more tickets. Easy to say, the Cavs will put on a show for New Jersey since that can be a designated place for LeBron next season. Cavs by 14.

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Boston Celtics – The Bobcats seem to be juggling their record around. I really hope they find a spot in the playoffs because they can match up well with the Cavs or Celtics since they beat both teams. The Celtics have been struggling lately, but picked it up with a win against the Pistons. Pierce is finally back so it gives the men in green a lift. However, I believe the Bobcats will take this game in the end just like they did before. Bobcats by 4 is my guess.

Memphis Grizzlies vs. New Orleans Hornets – This game is important for both teams. Chances are, neither team can make the playoffs. But either team can create a season ending run with wins. Darren Collison has been playing incredibly solid in place of injured Chris Paul. David West has also been putting much effort in games. The Grizzlies look to bounce back in a groove they were in when the new year began. This game I believe will become intense as pressure builds up for both teams. In the end, I say New Orleans takes it by 2.

Washington Wizards vs. Milwaukee Bucks – Andray Blatche is blowing UP! What has happened to him? He eat or drink something wrong? After the trade deadline, Blatche makes it look like he’s single handedly putting the Wizards close in games. Don’t forget about the Bucks in the playoff race. They have come back in the running with the held of G/F John Salmons. Honestly, I just want young Blatche to go crazy again tonight. Bucks should win this by 4.

Sacramento Kings vs. Houston Rockets – Kevin Martin will face off his former team for the first time since the Kings traded him. On the other hand, Carl Landry who was in running for the sixth man award will also face off his former team the Rockets. This game will have some friendly play to it. But I believe the more serious team will be the Rockets. After the trade, they are looking to put themselves back into the playoffs. Yesterday, I looked at Stephen Curry’s stats and it gave me a feeling he might receive ROY this year. When I checked out the Kings game yesterday, I was sold on who is the ROY and that is Tyreke Evans. Evans vs. Brooks, this will be fun. Houston by 5.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Dallas Mavericks – Al Jefferson screwed up at a bad time. This game is quite lopsided for one team to win of course, and that would be for the Mavs to win. Flynn and Kidd will be fun to watch tonight since I see Flynn as a bright point guard and Kidd’s veteran skills will teach Jonny a lesson or two. Dirk will be Dirk and will continue to give his best efforts on the court night in and night out. Kevin Love will probably replace Jefferson for PF or C. Look for Brewer or Hollins to have a better game tonight. Mavs by 8.

Oklahoma City vs. Denver Nuggets – A huge playoff preview game. KD vs. Melo. Does it get any better? Both young, both talented, both leaders, and both leading in PPG behind LeBron in the league. The Nuggets have a more stacked team on paper, but the Thunder have tricks up their sleeves where they can pull out a win. Expect this game to be extremely intense between the two stars. Both players need this win to prove a point for their team. My pick: Nuggets by 2 since OKC played yesterday night.

Indiana Pacers vs. Portland Trailblazers – Pacers will come off a butt whooping night by the Lakers. Matching up with the Blazers tonight will be difficult since Indiana has been cold in their last ten games only winning 2. Indy’s D just falls apart. BRoy will have no problem roughing the Pacers tonight and slashing through the careless D. Blazers should win by a good 9 points tonight.

Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Clippers – I expect this game to be uptempo in not just the Suns side, but the Clippers too. The score can easily be predicted to be over a combined 210 points. Clippers picked up a big win against the Utah Jazz. The acquisition of Drew Gooden has helped the Clips out in a big way. Suns crushed the Nuggets in their last win. The reason maybe because Ty Lawson didn’t give that bench spark? Naw. The Nuggets should know better with all the thug talent they got. This game will be fun to watch also. Suns by 3.

LeBron James, the Sixth Man?

March 3, 2010


For all of you guys who haven’t heard, LeBron James, the chosen one, is changing his number to the number 6 in tribute to mister greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan.  I understand him paying his respects to MJ but to declare that no one should play with number 23 because its sacred? That’s baloney right there.  Yes Jordan was a great player and a hall of famer and everything but in my eyes, there were other great players too.  And if Jordan’s number gets a league wide retirement, then players such as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and even Bill Russel who wore the number 6 which is the same number LeBron is switching to, should all have their numbers retired too by the whole league.  I like how the current system is.  Players cannot have a number that was retired by the team they are on.  That works too because it helps preserve each team’s individual dynasty.

But if LeBron is just switching his number to get more jersey sales like what other reporters are reporting, then whatever, more power to him.  He knows how the business works and NBA is a business, especially if you’re a huge star like LBJ.  Just don’t go around telling the world you’re doing it for respect of Michael Jordan.  Just get that paper and move on.