Let me kill it

So you see, you just repeated my small amount of information about those Clipper or former Clippers in your whole response. I’m not throwing out “bad information”, I’m throwing out pretty much facts about those players. So thanks for getting into detail about those players who failed to deliver for the Los Angeles Clippers team or is supposedly going to help the current team. Every time the Clippers make an off season move or in the season, they are favored or at least hyped up about to be at least good. But that isn’t true, on account of the miserable seasons the Clippers always had. This summer, IF they get a big name, they would be ranked you can say high? The media and sportscasters never respect this team because the fact that they disappoint nearly every season. Being good is one thing, but if being good doesn’t bring a team into the playoffs, how “good” do you put em over most teams in the West? No you can’t throw them in the East, unless they move plain and simple. This link will explain a lot from this team. Back your info all you want, but the numbers never lie. Great organizations always bounces back from a loss of a great player. But as of for the young Clippers, history repeats itself.


One Response to Let me kill it

  1. petevanhustle says:

    Just to have my final say too:
    I never said the Clippers were good, I never said they can be great. I never said throw them in the East. And I will acknowledge that they have never been good besides a season here and there throughout their years. I will also acknowledge that all many writers and broadcasters do not respect them.

    I want them to do great in the future but I know they need a lot of change. And for all I know what you said in this post may happen. They sign a good name, get a good roster, get hyped up, but fail to reach high. Or the complete opposite may happen and they might actually have a good season, I can only hope.

    I just wanted to make the point that there is no Clippers curse, just a history of bad players and bad management that is still going on to this day and age.

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