Keys to Game 2

The Lakers fought back against the Garnett’s words. Garnett basically called the Lakers “soft” by saying the Celtics play more aggressively than the LA Lakers. The Lakers proved they could be just as tough in Game 1. Their facial expressions throughout the game was stiff as stone. Everyone on the team looked focused. Determined to win that championship once again, and that’s all that mattered. The Celtics on the other hand seemed to complain and looked sluggish out there. Here are some keys for the Game 2 for the Celtics to improve on and maybe cut it down to a 1 game a piece series.

Celtics key factors:

Stay out of foul trouble: Ray Allen sat a lot in the game. Played a total of 27 minutes. Allen is still part of the Big 3/4 to me. His jumper is nearly unstoppable if he catches fire. Fisher has done quite well playing D on him.

KG needs to look younger again: You can’t turn back time, but for KG, he still has the talent. KG needs to hit the boards. Pau out rebounded him 14 to 4! Also, Gasol had 8 offensive rebounds. Garnett needs to find a way to stop the second chance points.

Perkins: Keep his cool. Crash the boards and play D inside. There’s no way of stopping Kobe for anyone, but for Kobe, Pau, or any Laker to go to the rim, they must go through the big bodied Perkins.

Lakers key factors:

Stay focused: Game 1, everybody looked healthy, focused, and in place. If they keep that mentality, especially Pau and Kobe, they can take this series early.

Bench mob: The bench did decent in Game 1. I think Shannon stepped it up quite well. He made his jumpers and no Celtic really matched his quickness. If the starters are sitting after a great job on the court, the bench must keep the tempo going their way.

Keep the physical play up: In every position, the Lakers out hustled, out toughen, and out played the Celtics. Pau took care of KG, Artest limited Pierce’s shots, Kobe was Kobe once again by draining those shots anywhere on the field. The Lakers can’t lose their toughness or they’ll look like what they were in 08.


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