Let’s Keep Talking About Lebron James Since Everyone Else Is Doing It

Here’s a great article by Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo!

Basically summed up as: Lebron James is trying to be all professional and business-like but in the end, he’s still a big kid playing with his childhood friends.

Me, I’m just irked by the fact that he single-handedly has put the NBA free agency on hold until he makes a decision on where he’s going. Everyone is just waiting for his decision. Once he picks his team though, the free agency dominoes are going to fall and by mid-august, teams should be done on their spending.

The only teams I see Lebron going to are the Nets and the Cavs. Knicks and Heat have too many question marks right now because their rosters are basically depleted. He would be a great fit on the Clippers but news media ragged on the team so much that it is really hard to take them seriously in the Lebron Lottery. He would also be a good fit in the Bulls too, but I don’t see him going there. Nets though have a Russian playboy billionaire and Jay-Z, Lebron’s buddy. They can easily convince him to join their team. Nets also have a need at small forward and their roster is somewhat stacked with Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, and Brooke Lopez. And Cleveland has the hometown advantage.

As of right now, I stopped caring about where he’s going, I just want him to make his move so the rest of the free agency can move on.


One Response to Let’s Keep Talking About Lebron James Since Everyone Else Is Doing It

  1. babytyche08 says:

    Quite true, the whole league’s drafting has been put to a halt because everyone is waiting for the king’s verdict.

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