Where is the Magic?

May 23, 2010

The Green Goblin defeats Superman once again

2 weeks ago, the Orlando Magic was the favorites to win the championships.  They swept defensive juggernauts in the Charlotte Bobcats and the young high flying Atlanta Hawks.  Dwight Howard was putting up great numbers, Jameer Nelson is showing the world why he’s the team captain, and Vince Carter was proving to the world that he still got it.   They were dominant and unstoppable.  Supposedly the only team that could have stopped them in the East was the Lebron James team, also known as the the Cleveland Cavaliers. A team that purposely built their team to defeat the Magic with the acquisition of Shaq to go against Dwight Howard and Antawn Jamison as a stretch 4 to counter Rashad Lewis.

But no one ever counted on the Boston Celtics to beat the Lebron James team and is now in a midst of sweeping the Eastern Conference favorites.  A team that went with the flow throughout the regular season, losing games to the likes of the Clippers, the Nets, and the Warriors.  A team that was old, tired, and unfit for championship.  And a team that had many injuries throughout the regular season and struggled to stay healthy.  Everyone agreed that the Boston Celtics were a great team, but no one ever thought they would be in the finals.  All predictions led to Lebron James and his rag tagged supporting cast beating the Celtics.  But now, the Green Monsters are 3-0 against the Magic. That is due because of the hard defense the Celtics is applying along with the stellar play of Rondo and revitalization or the Big 3.  They got the Magic bent over right now and is close to finishing the job.

How could the former eastern conference champions fall this bad?  I want to say lack of determination and the death of all morale at this point.  Cockiness could have also been a factor.  Dwight Howard was supposed to be that dominant center that no other team in the league has an answer for.  But now, the Magic dug themselves a deep hole that they are desperately trying to claw out of.

The Magic have two options now –

1. Lose to the Boston Celtics


2. Make history as the only team to ever win a playoff series after starting 0-3.

I don’t see number 2 happening though with Boston playing as great as they are.


Why I Don’t Like the Bynum-Bosh Trade

January 16, 2010

I am not a Lakers fan. But I cannot be grouped with those ignorant Lakers haters same way I don’t group a lot of Lakers fans with those dumbass bandwagon hoppers who don’t even know who Josh Powell is. This trade though is heavily rumored but I honestly doubt it is going to happen. There are many conflicting reports on what the trade is but the two main pieces moving is Chris Bosh and Andrew Bynum. Lakers will have to add someone in there in order to match salaries and what not but those are two main players in the trade. And this is still a rumored trade which means it can be bullshit and never going to happen for all we know. And like I said, I’m not disputing this trade because I don’t like the Lakers but because of reasons more than that.

This trade should not even been rumored in the first place. The Raptors by now should be a strong playoff contending team in the Eastern Conference with Chris Bosh as the main player. But the Raptors GM has been so inclined to turn Team Canada into Team International that instead of creating a team around Bosh, one of the best players of this generation, instead he is just putting together a bunch of foreign players hoping that the team will be able to put their minds together and do well. When they had the first round pick in 2006 and the chance to pick up a great player in LaMarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, or Rudy Gay, they picked up a project player in Andrea Bargnani only because he was declared a rising star in Europe. Then it took Bargnani several seasons in order to put up good numbers but the numbers he’s putting up right now are not number one draft pick numbers. And Bargnani is not even much of a true center. Centers are supposed to stay down low and bang with the big guys. Bargnani stays outside and pretends he’s a shooting guard. His shot is good but he was a horrible pickup for the Raptors who could’ve had anyone they wanted in that draft. So now Bosh is stuck in a mediocre team of foreign players when he could be in so much more. I don’t blame Bosh for wanting to get the hell out of Canada but this should have never happened in the first place. And now the Raptors seeing how much they messed up with their star franchise player does not want him to leave this summer without getting anything in return and wants to trade him before his contract expires.

So with Bosh on the trading block, the Lakers could see this as a perfect opportunity to get a star franchise player. The Lakers already have two franchise players in Gasol and Kobe and adding another one is going to turn them into champion contenders for the next few years if Bosh re signs with them. I think Chris Bosh deserves a lot better than turning into the third option of a team. I know he wants a championship but he has the ability to get a championship with a team on his back instead of piggy backing a championship team into another banner in the rafters. Bosh is a certified franchise player that deserves to a team to himself. He just needs the right pieces around him which the Raptors GM screwed up over the last several years. Anyone can ride Kobe and Gasol into a championship ring. But getting a ring because you lead a team into the hardwood battles of the basketball court means a lot more and Bosh can and deserves that.

That was my reason from Bosh’s point of view though. But if this trade happens, then the whole league and all of the fans that arn’t following the Lakers will be in an uproar. Everyone already cried foul over how Lakers received Gasol for a bag of skittles. If the Lakers get Bosh for an up and coming center who is still trying to reach his full potential, then everyone that aren’t Lakers fans are going to go nuts. Hell, Lakers fans will probably go nuts too and riot in LA again. This trade will get a lot of people angry because it pretty much guarantees the Lakers another championship.

Bynum though, he deserves to stay with the Lakers. He has been growing into a strong future franchise player and has the ability to handle the reins in the near future. Bynum is the cornerstone of the franchise. He is home grown and will be a star in the future. He will have the whole Lakers team to call his own in a couple years and does not deserve to be thrown into Team International where he’ll most likely just be traded or have his growth stunted. Yeah the Raptors could use a true center who can bang down low and grab rebounds, but they also need to put together a team based on skills and not where they are from.

If this trade does happen though, there is going to be chaos in the NBA. And this summer’s free agency competition could also be ruined because of this trade because Bosh was a for sure player that is going to leave his team which could spark the departure of Lebron or Wade. With Bosh already in the bag for the Lakers, the big shakeup that I am expecting this summer will probably never happen.