Reaction to the Decision

July 8, 2010

For all of you that don’t know, LBJ has chosen to join the Miami Heat and be with his bros, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  After two years of buildup, hours and hours of promotion by the worldwide leader in sports, and even a one hour special about it tonight, LBJ finally made the announcement the NBA world has been waiting for.  And with that announcement, millions of hearts were broken in Cleveland, the 5 other teams with cap space can finally pursue other free agents if they haven’t already started (Clippers already signing Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes), and hopefully the big free agency circus is finally over.

I personally didn’t see the one hour special tonight but the second I started getting texts from my friends on what happened, I just got angry and started to not like Lebron James even more.  I think he’s a great player and everything but he is also a primadonna, a diva, and a media whore.  His philosophy, anything to get attention.  What better way to make sure ESPN never forgets you by joining a team with the other two biggest stars of this era.   And also, why bother working hard for a championship if you can easily join two other big name superstars and win one with less pressure on yourself.  If LBJ thought he was that great of a player, he would have stayed in Cleveland and bring that city a championship they have not seen in what seems like forever.

I can understand why Dan Gilbert is pissed off.  The hometown hero has decided to turn his back on the city that raised him and take the easy route to a championship gold.  I don’t care about Cleveland (even though they have every right to be mad) but what kind of message does this send to the kids.  I can think of several horrible lessons to the children here.

  • Fuck working your ass off to the best of your abilities to achieve your goals, take the easy route whenever the opportunity becomes available.
  • Forget about loyalty to your home,  go somewhere else where the grass looks greener.
  • Follow your friends because they supposedly have your best interest at heart.
  • Money isn’t important, but neither is being faithful to the people who supported you since day one.
  • Who cares about building a legacy, just win without ever really leaving a mark behind in history.
  • Get as much as attention as you can because being humble is overrated.

I can think of a thousand other negative messages here in this little announcement.  How can LBJ look at himself in the mirror now that he broke the hearts of all the Cleveland children that thought of him as a hero.  How does he feel that he is no longer the hometown hero but the hometown despicable villain.  I’m not from Cleveland but I feel their pain.  As a Clippers fan, I know what its like to have the star player betray you and go to another team.  But the Cleveland fans have it a thousand times worse because their Benedict Arnold is considered to be one of the top two players in the game right now.  Betrayal is an awful sight to see, I hope Heat fans cherish this moment as much as possible right now because when something goes wrong with their Big 3, this summer will be for naught.

Calling it right now, the Miami Heat will not win a championship with those 3 players and 9 scrubs.

The Chosen King and The Deadly Black Mamba

January 22, 2010

Lakers vs Cavs on Christmas day in 2009

Pick your poison. LeBron or Kobe. The two biggest stars in the NBA. Some might think Kobe is better. Others think LeBron is the player out there. Debate all you want, they both are outstanding players. On the other hand, the match-up of the Lakers and Cavs on Christmas day made basketball fans feel as if LeBron had the upper hand with the huge victory. The Cavs crushed the Lakers in December and Laker fans were bitter to see their team being literally beat down on the most expensive paid ticket holiday game. I favored the Lakers to win in that game also. Overall, the Lakers played horrible throughout the game. Defense was effortless, offense was sloppy, and they didn’t seem to have life when LeBron or should I say Mo Williams and the Cavs kept shooting the lights out. As the Lakers fell on Christmas, it made Kobe Bryant look like the 2nd best player behind last season’s MVP LeBron James.

The Lakers always want to come back and prove themselves against a top team once they lose. Last season, the Lakers proved they could win against the Boston Celtics as the rivalry between the two teams never died down. Still today, the Lakers want a piece of the Celtics with both teams having healthy rosters. Anyways, the Lakers still kept the best record after their defeat to Cavaliers.

Tonight, the Cavs and Lakers met again in Cleveland. The Cavs seemed ready to play, despite not having point guard Mo Williams. LeBron stepped up through the game. You would expect the favored Lakers to win since Williams is out, think again. The defending champs didn’t show up to play. They didn’t put in their A game. LeBron looked as if he was manhandling the Lakers by himself. Kobe tried to pick up the Lakers slack, but LeBron and his Cavs were too much. The Lakers shot a disappointing 38% from the field. The game looked similar to what happened on Christmas day. In the end, the Cavaliers beat the Lakers 93-87.

So question question. Who is the better player? Kobe or LeBron? Let me break it down.

Kobe Bryant: Playing battered and hurt, Kobe is doing all he can to help his team win. Winning is most important to most players. However, “Winning” to Kobe means he needs to put his body out there and play through broken fingers and a hurt back. I think that’s crazy. Kobe can still be clutch even with his injury. His shooting percentage has gone way down, but when it’s crunch time, the Lakers call Kobe to take over. It’s tough to say if Bryant’s prime days are done because with him being hurt. The Lakers are still on top of the West and Kobe helped lead them there. So far, LeBron and his Cavs proved they can beat the Kobe and his Lakers without a full healthy roster.

LeBron James: Bron is a freak of nature. No one in the league or in history is sculpted and built like James. His frame, athleticism, and quickness is unbelievable. LeBron took his Cavs to the top of the East. If Cleveland weren’t the best team in the East now, I don’t think James would receive as much respect to be placed better than Kobe. LeBron has never really been a clutch shooter. But tonight, James showed the Lakers he can pull up and knock shots down with the poor Laker defense not respecting his jump shot. Looking at his second straight MVP season, LeBron looks to be unstoppable with his Cavs.

To me, both players are wonderful players. Kobe has the experience, full-time clutch, and his mentality to take over a game. LeBron also has the mentality to take over a game, athleticism, and strength to get to the rim. Kobe is a guard. LeBron a forward. Totally different positions. There are probably more subjects to weigh on between these two stars and that’s what debate is all about.