Where Should T-Mac Go?

July 15, 2010

The Next Biggest Free Agent?

With all the top name free agents gone and settled into different teams, the next big free agent in the market right now is the one and only Tracy McGrady.  The 31 year old wing still have a lot left in the tank and can be a solid contributor to any team he goes to.  Yes, he has been riddled with injures for a while and yes he has had microsurgery on his knee over a year ago.  But this is the same man who dropped 20+ points several times as a Knick last season and was the best player in the league many years ago.  The same guy who carried a weak Magic team on his back (which explains all his back spasms haha) and took them to the playoffs while averaging 32 points a game.  2002-2003 T-Mac was what 2005-2006 Kobe became.  A great player carrying a weak team all the way to the playoffs only to barely lose in the first round after going up 3-1 in the series.  But unlike Kobe, T-Mac was traded away instead of having players built around him.  And throughout the years in the Rockets, T-Mac was great but all his injuries took a toll and beat him up during his prime years.  But since knee surgeries generally take a year to recover, I expect T-Mac to play this season in as good shape as he possibly can.

Which comes with the question of where should he play?  Well the most obvious answers would be either the Lakers or the Heat.  Lakers have a good team in place and can use a destructive scoring option off the bench with T-Mac.  With the Lakers, he can chase the ring that has alluded him throughout his NBA career.  He wouldn’t be playing with the glory and glamor of leading the team or even being in the starting lineup but he can be a great role player for a team that needs strong scoring off the bench.  Same situation in the Heat.  But instead he’ll be piggybacking off of 3 superstars instead of 2.  He’ll probably offer the same services in the Heat as he would in the Lakers as the scoring option off the bench.  Difference is, Lakers have the biggest chance of getting a ring while the Heat are still unproven.  No one knows if their Big 3 are fit to play with each other for 82 games, but that will be observed throughout the season.  I highly doubt T-Mac wants to be piggybacking off either team though.  The dude can still ball.

Or T-Mac can do the unexpected.  My suggestion is that he signs a contract for the Los Angeles Clippers and be the SF that they been looking for the last several offseasons.  Tracy McGrady is set to workout with Los Angeles Clippers next week and if he can show the team that he is recovered and still has a bit of his old self in there, he will be a great option to have.  He can be the starting SF while their lottery pick this year, Al-Farouq Aminu develops into an NBA player.  He can help spread the floor, which relieves SG Eric Gordon the pressure of being the only 3 Point threat out there.  And T-Mac is also a capable defender that can easily give problems to the opposing team.  And with Kaman and Blake Griffin out there, T-Mac won’t have to feel the pressure of being the first scoring option of the team.  The Clippers needs a starting SF that can spread the floor, defend, and also show some leadership.  Out of all the available free agents available right now, I think T-Mac is the best option.  And he can cement a legacy for himself by leading this team into the playoffs and further.

Or he can fall into the Clippers curse and explode.

The dude is injury prone but I think he is the worth the risk.



May 18, 2010

Lakers vs Suns

Game 1 was a huge statement by the Lakers. Despite Kobe being hurt, he did work. The Black Mamba dropped 40 points on the Suns and helped the Lakers win by 21 points. The Suns had a good start to the game but ended up looking sluggish around the half. If the Suns want to win the series, they need to really control the momentum which they did with the Spurs. Although Kobe has been scoring 30+ games, I wonder will he have enough gas left in the tank to last till the end of the Finals? When the series shift over to Phoenix, for sure the fans in Arizona will have the Suns back. It’s just the Lakers job to put the crowd out early.

Lakers in 5

Magic vs Celtics

The Celtics took a convincing Game 1. The Game seemed lopsided until the 4th quarter when Jameer Nelson made a put back layup. After that, the Celtics just played smart having Ray Allen hold the ball to get fouled for free throws. Allen has to be one of the best players to close out the game in a clutch situation. Game 1 was a lesson for the Magic to learn. Rasheed and Perkins stopped Dwight in that Game 1. Other players like VC, Lewis, and Nelson need to step it up big to replace Howard’s presence if it doesn’t show. This series will be full of physical play and drama (always involves the Celtics). Many fans say there will be a Final rematch between the Lakers and Celticsin 08, but I believe the Magic’s athleticism will overcome the Celtics veteran skills.

Magic in 7

About the draft lottery tonight, I went on ESPN and used the lottery machine thingy majinger. I got the 76ers getting the number one pick overall. Wall will be number one regardless which team gets him. His value is too high to give up. He can also be a trading piece.

The Chosen King and The Deadly Black Mamba

January 22, 2010

Lakers vs Cavs on Christmas day in 2009

Pick your poison. LeBron or Kobe. The two biggest stars in the NBA. Some might think Kobe is better. Others think LeBron is the player out there. Debate all you want, they both are outstanding players. On the other hand, the match-up of the Lakers and Cavs on Christmas day made basketball fans feel as if LeBron had the upper hand with the huge victory. The Cavs crushed the Lakers in December and Laker fans were bitter to see their team being literally beat down on the most expensive paid ticket holiday game. I favored the Lakers to win in that game also. Overall, the Lakers played horrible throughout the game. Defense was effortless, offense was sloppy, and they didn’t seem to have life when LeBron or should I say Mo Williams and the Cavs kept shooting the lights out. As the Lakers fell on Christmas, it made Kobe Bryant look like the 2nd best player behind last season’s MVP LeBron James.

The Lakers always want to come back and prove themselves against a top team once they lose. Last season, the Lakers proved they could win against the Boston Celtics as the rivalry between the two teams never died down. Still today, the Lakers want a piece of the Celtics with both teams having healthy rosters. Anyways, the Lakers still kept the best record after their defeat to Cavaliers.

Tonight, the Cavs and Lakers met again in Cleveland. The Cavs seemed ready to play, despite not having point guard Mo Williams. LeBron stepped up through the game. You would expect the favored Lakers to win since Williams is out, think again. The defending champs didn’t show up to play. They didn’t put in their A game. LeBron looked as if he was manhandling the Lakers by himself. Kobe tried to pick up the Lakers slack, but LeBron and his Cavs were too much. The Lakers shot a disappointing 38% from the field. The game looked similar to what happened on Christmas day. In the end, the Cavaliers beat the Lakers 93-87.

So question question. Who is the better player? Kobe or LeBron? Let me break it down.

Kobe Bryant: Playing battered and hurt, Kobe is doing all he can to help his team win. Winning is most important to most players. However, “Winning” to Kobe means he needs to put his body out there and play through broken fingers and a hurt back. I think that’s crazy. Kobe can still be clutch even with his injury. His shooting percentage has gone way down, but when it’s crunch time, the Lakers call Kobe to take over. It’s tough to say if Bryant’s prime days are done because with him being hurt. The Lakers are still on top of the West and Kobe helped lead them there. So far, LeBron and his Cavs proved they can beat the Kobe and his Lakers without a full healthy roster.

LeBron James: Bron is a freak of nature. No one in the league or in history is sculpted and built like James. His frame, athleticism, and quickness is unbelievable. LeBron took his Cavs to the top of the East. If Cleveland weren’t the best team in the East now, I don’t think James would receive as much respect to be placed better than Kobe. LeBron has never really been a clutch shooter. But tonight, James showed the Lakers he can pull up and knock shots down with the poor Laker defense not respecting his jump shot. Looking at his second straight MVP season, LeBron looks to be unstoppable with his Cavs.

To me, both players are wonderful players. Kobe has the experience, full-time clutch, and his mentality to take over a game. LeBron also has the mentality to take over a game, athleticism, and strength to get to the rim. Kobe is a guard. LeBron a forward. Totally different positions. There are probably more subjects to weigh on between these two stars and that’s what debate is all about.

Why I Don’t Like the Bynum-Bosh Trade

January 16, 2010

I am not a Lakers fan. But I cannot be grouped with those ignorant Lakers haters same way I don’t group a lot of Lakers fans with those dumbass bandwagon hoppers who don’t even know who Josh Powell is. This trade though is heavily rumored but I honestly doubt it is going to happen. There are many conflicting reports on what the trade is but the two main pieces moving is Chris Bosh and Andrew Bynum. Lakers will have to add someone in there in order to match salaries and what not but those are two main players in the trade. And this is still a rumored trade which means it can be bullshit and never going to happen for all we know. And like I said, I’m not disputing this trade because I don’t like the Lakers but because of reasons more than that.

This trade should not even been rumored in the first place. The Raptors by now should be a strong playoff contending team in the Eastern Conference with Chris Bosh as the main player. But the Raptors GM has been so inclined to turn Team Canada into Team International that instead of creating a team around Bosh, one of the best players of this generation, instead he is just putting together a bunch of foreign players hoping that the team will be able to put their minds together and do well. When they had the first round pick in 2006 and the chance to pick up a great player in LaMarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, or Rudy Gay, they picked up a project player in Andrea Bargnani only because he was declared a rising star in Europe. Then it took Bargnani several seasons in order to put up good numbers but the numbers he’s putting up right now are not number one draft pick numbers. And Bargnani is not even much of a true center. Centers are supposed to stay down low and bang with the big guys. Bargnani stays outside and pretends he’s a shooting guard. His shot is good but he was a horrible pickup for the Raptors who could’ve had anyone they wanted in that draft. So now Bosh is stuck in a mediocre team of foreign players when he could be in so much more. I don’t blame Bosh for wanting to get the hell out of Canada but this should have never happened in the first place. And now the Raptors seeing how much they messed up with their star franchise player does not want him to leave this summer without getting anything in return and wants to trade him before his contract expires.

So with Bosh on the trading block, the Lakers could see this as a perfect opportunity to get a star franchise player. The Lakers already have two franchise players in Gasol and Kobe and adding another one is going to turn them into champion contenders for the next few years if Bosh re signs with them. I think Chris Bosh deserves a lot better than turning into the third option of a team. I know he wants a championship but he has the ability to get a championship with a team on his back instead of piggy backing a championship team into another banner in the rafters. Bosh is a certified franchise player that deserves to a team to himself. He just needs the right pieces around him which the Raptors GM screwed up over the last several years. Anyone can ride Kobe and Gasol into a championship ring. But getting a ring because you lead a team into the hardwood battles of the basketball court means a lot more and Bosh can and deserves that.

That was my reason from Bosh’s point of view though. But if this trade happens, then the whole league and all of the fans that arn’t following the Lakers will be in an uproar. Everyone already cried foul over how Lakers received Gasol for a bag of skittles. If the Lakers get Bosh for an up and coming center who is still trying to reach his full potential, then everyone that aren’t Lakers fans are going to go nuts. Hell, Lakers fans will probably go nuts too and riot in LA again. This trade will get a lot of people angry because it pretty much guarantees the Lakers another championship.

Bynum though, he deserves to stay with the Lakers. He has been growing into a strong future franchise player and has the ability to handle the reins in the near future. Bynum is the cornerstone of the franchise. He is home grown and will be a star in the future. He will have the whole Lakers team to call his own in a couple years and does not deserve to be thrown into Team International where he’ll most likely just be traded or have his growth stunted. Yeah the Raptors could use a true center who can bang down low and grab rebounds, but they also need to put together a team based on skills and not where they are from.

If this trade does happen though, there is going to be chaos in the NBA. And this summer’s free agency competition could also be ruined because of this trade because Bosh was a for sure player that is going to leave his team which could spark the departure of Lebron or Wade. With Bosh already in the bag for the Lakers, the big shakeup that I am expecting this summer will probably never happen.