Fantasy FUN

February 27, 2010

I miss this guy

In the art of blogging for no purpose, I shall post about one of my yahoo! fantasy basketball teams. This team is in a 20 man league where I am currently 5th place and is facing my blogging counterpart this week. I’m currently winning, surprisingly since my team is not really that great.

My team consists of:

– Amar’e Stoudemire (PF,C)

– Shawn Marion (Sf, PF)

– Marc Gasol (C)

– Eric Gordon (SG)

– Andre Miller (PG)

– Shaq (C)

– Anthony Morrow (SG, SF)

– George Hill (PG, SG)

– DeJuan Blair (SF,PF,C)

– DeMar DeRozan (SG,SF,PF)

– Nazr Mohammad (C)

– Donte Green (SG,SF)

– Tony Allen (SG,SF)

The one word I can use to describe this team is INCONSISTENT. Yes, I got Amar’e who can provide over 20 points and 10 rebounds a night but other than that, my team pisses me off. I’m sure all fantasy players can relate but to me, it seems my team is nothing but light switch players. And looking at my team, all I have is a bunch of shooters, no one that can grab me assists, and besides Amar’e, no one that can consistently grab me 10 rebounds a night. It is a travesty.

From bottom to top,
Tony Allen – very inconsistent player who I only picked up because he was doing good in the absence of Paul Pierce. So far, I haven’t found anyone that can replace him and I think Pierce is once again injured so I’ll keep him for a bit to see what he can do. All he does is provide points mostly.

Donte Green – Another person I have only because he can score. Too inconsistent, threw down 31 points several games ago. He’s losing playing time ever since Garcia returned for the Kings so might become useless soon.

Nazr Mohammad – Backup Center for the Bobcats, currently injured, but can be great when he wants. Again, extremely inconsistent. Right before he got injured, he gave me 20 points and 21 rebounds in a night. That’s pretty amazing.

DeMar DeRozan – Another scorer I have. Like Donte Green and Tony Allen, inconsistent as fuck.

DeJuan Blair – Great rebounder but currently been off and not providing the stats that he was giving some weeks ago.

George Hill – Another inconsistent scorer who does not give me any assists whatsoever. Lately he’s been playing well so I can’t complain.

Anthony Morrow – Some weeks he can score over 25 points a game, other weeks, he gives me 25 points period. My team is full of scorers who has on and off nights and Morrow is just another example.

Shaq – Currently injured but was playing well before the injury. I wish he gave me more rebounds though, but I’m satisfied with the 20 or so points a game.

Andre Miller – The only one on my team that can really gets assists and he only averages 5.5. There are some games where can dish out over 10 assists but there’s always a big gap of games in between where he doesn’t do that. But he can score which is fine by me, not as inconsistent as he was in the beginning of the season but feasible.

Eric Gordon – Like Anthony Morrow he can score 25 points a game, but unlike Anthony Morrow, he doesn’t ever score less than 10. Another one of my scoring options, more consistent than the rest of them but still needs fine tuning.

Marc Gasol – Some days he can be like Amar’e, other days, he’s just some Spanish dude taking up roster space. He doesn’t fail with the rebounding though, which is good.

Shawn Marion – Usually one of the best players to have on a fantasy team cause he can do everything but this year, not so much. Consistent scoring, its just never 20 points. Always rebounding, just never over 10 rebounds. And a steal, block, or assist every once in a while. Even though it looks like he doesn’t provide much, he helps keep the team afloat with his consistency.

Amar’e Stoudemire – My star player, a good 25 points and 10 rebounds a game. Usually scores the most points and gets the most rebounds every week unless one of my inconsistent players step for that week. Without him, my team will pretty much suck.

I’m satisfied with my team, I just wished there was a month where they will all play well every single game. But nope, I’m stuck with their ever changing stats.


The New Best Draft Class? Part One

February 21, 2010

Everyone nowadays considers the draft class of 2003 as the greatest draft class of the era. I can’t blame them though because of all stars like Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, David West, and Josh Howard. Along with great role players in Chris Kamen, Kirk Hinrich, Boris Diaw, and Travis Outlaw, this was the probably the best draft class to play with in 2K9. And like every great draft class, there’s a big bust in there in Darko Milicic. There’s a new greatest draft class of this era though in 2008. The draft class that produced Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, and much others has probably the best lottery picks ever.  Today, I’ll name the first 7 picks, and the last 7 lottery picks in a future post.

Number One Pick in 2008

Derrick Rose

Averaging 19.8 Points a game right now and is the reason that the Bulls who everyone thought fell off at the beginning in the season are now playoff contenders.  His leadership qualities and athleticism has earned him a spot on the all-star team this year.  Rose is not going to duplicate the greatness of Michael Jordan for Chicago but he is now the undisputed star of the team and has the ability to bring the Bulls great success.  Him and Joakim Noah are one of the best guard/big duos out there right now and have really put a bright spot in Chicago in the post-Jordan years.

Second Pick in 2008 Draft

Michael Beasley

The number 2 draft pick in the 2008 draft pick is Michael Beasley who is having a great sophomore year.  He currently averages 16.3 points a game and 6.6 rebounds.  As of right now he is currently the second best player in the Miami Heat after Dwayne Wade.  And if Dwayne Wade was to leave Miami this summer, that would make Beasley the star player of the team which I think is a position he can handle.  His jump shot, freakish athleticism, height, and abilities to play both forward positions makes him a Kevin Garnett-esque player.  Like all the players I’m listing, Michael Beasley is a future All-Star in the making and like Derrick Rose, can carry his team far into the playoffs on his own if given the chance.

3rd Draft Pick

O.J. Mayo

The USC star who has a name that makes you hungry.  Mayo was one of those highly touted prospects that scouts were following since the age of 13.  I consider him one of those star shooting guard players in the model of Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, and Kobe Bryant.  Of course, Mayo hasn’t done much so far in his career to be named with the rest of those future hall of famers but he has shown the potential.  Right now his game is raw, but with a few years of refinement, he can and will be the franchise player, knocking down game winning shots all day.  Mayo just needs to not let his hype get in his way and improve on his own pace before he can become the top dog in the NBA.

4th Pick

Russell Westbrook

This UCLA Bruin is the Robin to Kevin Durant’s Batman.  He’s the starting point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder and currently averages 16 points, 7.5 assists, and 5 rebounds a game.  He’s an excellent scorer and terrific second option on a rising young team that is mos def bounded for the playoffs.  And as of right now, I see Westbrook as a star only in the Scottie Pippen vein.  Like Pippen, he is a great player but proves more effective when he is not relied on as the number one option on the team.  So yes, he can become a future all star in the future but he just does not seem like a player that can lead a team.  The Thunder are lucky to have him on the team though.  Westbrook just needs to keep improving his point guard game and keep creating shots for his teammates more often.  Once he gets that down, him and Kevin Durant will be the most unstoppable duo of the new era.

5th Pick of 2008

Kevin Love

Another UCLA Bruin.  Besides having an awesome name, Kevin Love is a star in the making too.  This season, after a pretty big injury, Love is averaging 15 points a game and 11.3 rebounds.  For a white boy power forward that plays alongside Al Jefferson, another beastly rebounder, those numbers are impressive.  Unlike Westbrook, Kevin Love does not play the sidekick role to Al Jefferson.  Instead, the both of them are a tandem that clogs the middle, making it unapproachable to the likes of slashers and dunkers.  Jonny Flynn must be having a blast out there having two big men to pass to that can handle the post equally.  Kevin Love also has a nice jump shot that is pretty beastly too.  Even though the T-Wolves suck right now, Love has been a bright spot.  Give the team some wings, more time to learn the triangle, and they will be a new force in the West.

6th Pick

Danilo Gallinari

The 6th pick from Italy was supposedly a bust in his rookie year because of injuries.  But after coming back from his back injury, Gallinari showed the world his sharpshooting skill and became one of the best 3 point shooters in the league right now.  Averaging 14.3 points a game and .395 3-point shooting percentage, Gallinari is the only thing the Knicks have for them this summer that’s a for sure.  But the Knicks have made him a desirable teammate to have.  Every player would like a 3 point beast out in the perimeter to throw the ball to on any given notice.  Of course, Gallinari will never be anything else other than a sharpshooter unless he learns some hardcore defense a la Bruce Bowen status.  But right now, his future is bright.  Who knows whats going to happen this summer with the free agents, the only thing for sure with the Knicks is that they have a great role player in Gallinari.  He kinda sucked in the 3 point contest though but I’d say he was a star compared to the dunk contest.

7th Pick

Eric Gordon

The 7th pick is Eric Gordon, the future of the Los Angeles Clippers along with Blake Griffin.  Eric Gordon is a shooter who can get to the hoops and also plays beastmode defense. This year alone, he was able to shut down Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, Brandon Roy, and Dwayne Wade, leading the supposedly lowly Clippers to nice winning streak early in January.  Being the only bright spot his rookie year in a pathetic Clippers season that ended in 19 wins, Eric Gordon has shown that he is the future of the team.  Currently second in scoring by averaging 17 points a game, Gordon has the skills to explode into a 30 point game on any given night.  Right now his ball handing skills are a work in progress which leads to many turnovers but that is something that can be worked on.  His shy demeanor also makes it hard for him because he does not get that many calls from the refs that he should be getting.  There are times when Gordon can be decked in the face and the refs still would not call a foul.  In several years time though, Gordon is going to be a destructive force in the Clippers and a top shooting guard.

Here’s the first 7 picks of 2008, and all of them are great players.  All have the potential to become future all-stars and become a powerful option on their team.  I’m going to get through the rest of the lottery picks of this draft class along with honorable mentions next time and it is not going to be as great as the first seven.  There are good players there but this first seven is just amazingly great.  In a couple years, the 2003 draft class will become just a forgotten bunch of stars with barely any champions on there while 2008 will have a bunch of players leading their teams in the playoffs.

And yes, I saw the rookie-sophomore game and this class lost to the rookies.  But with Westbrook and Beasley taking half of the sophomore’s shots and not playing coherently, they practically gave it to the rookies.  Derrick Rose was also not there distributing the ball which also hurt.  But like other all star weekend festivities, the game did not really matter.  At least it didn’t suck like the Dunk Contest. plz

Sun of a gun

January 28, 2010

After losing 18 straight games on the TNT network, the Phoenix Suns finally break that record by topping the Mavs tonight 106-112. 18 straight losses?!?! Unheard of to me… The Amare Stoudemire didn’t play the 4th quarter. The Suns started slow and the Mavs were handling Phoenix easy. Until the 4th quarter, Dirk Nowitzki was shut down not scoring a single point. Nash had a double-double with 19 points and 11 assists. Jared Dudley had a critical game winning steal on Kidd’s pass. After the game, Steve Nash was interviewed on how he and his Suns finally won a game on TNT in years. Nash just smiled and said “I don’t want to speak about the network”.

Other news in the NBA, the Raptors topped the Knicks in a close game 106-104. The Raptors are now one of the hottest teams in the league. Bosh and Turkoglu combined for a total of 53 points. David Lee WHO I HAVE TO SAY WAS THE BIGGEST SNUB FOR THE ALL-STAR GAME!!! Had 29 point and 18 rebound game.

The Celtics lost in Orlando tonight by 2 points. The Magic came in the clutch when J.J. Redick hit a needy 3 to tie the game. Rashard Lewis scored the last two points with a surprisingly easy driving lay-up. With a little more than a second to go, Boston’s Rasheed Wallace took a decent three-point look and air balled. The Celtics are 5-9 after Christmas day.

Why I Don’t Like the Bynum-Bosh Trade

January 16, 2010

I am not a Lakers fan. But I cannot be grouped with those ignorant Lakers haters same way I don’t group a lot of Lakers fans with those dumbass bandwagon hoppers who don’t even know who Josh Powell is. This trade though is heavily rumored but I honestly doubt it is going to happen. There are many conflicting reports on what the trade is but the two main pieces moving is Chris Bosh and Andrew Bynum. Lakers will have to add someone in there in order to match salaries and what not but those are two main players in the trade. And this is still a rumored trade which means it can be bullshit and never going to happen for all we know. And like I said, I’m not disputing this trade because I don’t like the Lakers but because of reasons more than that.

This trade should not even been rumored in the first place. The Raptors by now should be a strong playoff contending team in the Eastern Conference with Chris Bosh as the main player. But the Raptors GM has been so inclined to turn Team Canada into Team International that instead of creating a team around Bosh, one of the best players of this generation, instead he is just putting together a bunch of foreign players hoping that the team will be able to put their minds together and do well. When they had the first round pick in 2006 and the chance to pick up a great player in LaMarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, or Rudy Gay, they picked up a project player in Andrea Bargnani only because he was declared a rising star in Europe. Then it took Bargnani several seasons in order to put up good numbers but the numbers he’s putting up right now are not number one draft pick numbers. And Bargnani is not even much of a true center. Centers are supposed to stay down low and bang with the big guys. Bargnani stays outside and pretends he’s a shooting guard. His shot is good but he was a horrible pickup for the Raptors who could’ve had anyone they wanted in that draft. So now Bosh is stuck in a mediocre team of foreign players when he could be in so much more. I don’t blame Bosh for wanting to get the hell out of Canada but this should have never happened in the first place. And now the Raptors seeing how much they messed up with their star franchise player does not want him to leave this summer without getting anything in return and wants to trade him before his contract expires.

So with Bosh on the trading block, the Lakers could see this as a perfect opportunity to get a star franchise player. The Lakers already have two franchise players in Gasol and Kobe and adding another one is going to turn them into champion contenders for the next few years if Bosh re signs with them. I think Chris Bosh deserves a lot better than turning into the third option of a team. I know he wants a championship but he has the ability to get a championship with a team on his back instead of piggy backing a championship team into another banner in the rafters. Bosh is a certified franchise player that deserves to a team to himself. He just needs the right pieces around him which the Raptors GM screwed up over the last several years. Anyone can ride Kobe and Gasol into a championship ring. But getting a ring because you lead a team into the hardwood battles of the basketball court means a lot more and Bosh can and deserves that.

That was my reason from Bosh’s point of view though. But if this trade happens, then the whole league and all of the fans that arn’t following the Lakers will be in an uproar. Everyone already cried foul over how Lakers received Gasol for a bag of skittles. If the Lakers get Bosh for an up and coming center who is still trying to reach his full potential, then everyone that aren’t Lakers fans are going to go nuts. Hell, Lakers fans will probably go nuts too and riot in LA again. This trade will get a lot of people angry because it pretty much guarantees the Lakers another championship.

Bynum though, he deserves to stay with the Lakers. He has been growing into a strong future franchise player and has the ability to handle the reins in the near future. Bynum is the cornerstone of the franchise. He is home grown and will be a star in the future. He will have the whole Lakers team to call his own in a couple years and does not deserve to be thrown into Team International where he’ll most likely just be traded or have his growth stunted. Yeah the Raptors could use a true center who can bang down low and grab rebounds, but they also need to put together a team based on skills and not where they are from.

If this trade does happen though, there is going to be chaos in the NBA. And this summer’s free agency competition could also be ruined because of this trade because Bosh was a for sure player that is going to leave his team which could spark the departure of Lebron or Wade. With Bosh already in the bag for the Lakers, the big shakeup that I am expecting this summer will probably never happen.